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Cruises Conventions Bar Restaurant Islander
Cruises Conventions Bar Restaurant Islander

Cruises have increased dramatically in popularity over the last few years because of all the fun and great  places to see.  Imagine your special event floating across Lake Union & Lake Washington enjoying all of your friends and having the very best in food and beverages.  That's where we come in.  Our Galley will prepare your personal selections!  We use the finest and freshest products available.  We guarantee your food is hot and served within minutes out of our ovens.  All food is prepared with ingredients that are selected daily from Seattle's best markets.  We have been in the food & beverage industry for over 34 years and are proud of the food we serve.  

Our goal is to deliver the very best food and beverage at affordable prices.

The Islander is the perfect place in Seattle to have your event!


Captain Al

The Islander

P.S.  Captain Al has spent 40 years in the restaurant boating industry.


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Cruises Conventions Bar Restaurant Islander

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